I just want to thank you for creating the lindy ladder and spreading all the moves with your excellent explanations. I live in a small city in Germany which only has a tiny lindy scene. There aren’t any teachers here, so I drive to festivals to take lessons. It’s hard to improve without teachers in the city, but your lessons help me to keep practicing this great dance. You really do an amazing job! I always look forward to the new videos. --Paolo Krischak


Hi Shauna. My name is Francesc and I'm from the island of Mallorca (Spain). I hated dancing before my girlfriend "forced" me to start a lindy hop course with her. It was the best decision for me because it increased my daily good mood, opened my mind and we met a lot of friends. Now we have created a lindy hop swing scene and we dance almost every week in this little island, but we cannot access quality lindy hop courses. That's the reason of writing: THANKS for this BRILLIANT page that you created that teaches high level moves that I could not learn any other way. I would pay for it: so if someday you delete it... NOOO!!! I'm going to afford hosting expenses. And of course, if someday you're bored and want to meet our precious mediterranean island, you're welcome to have crazy dances here. Kind regards and hugs. --Francesc Matas/Lindy Hop Mallorca


I am lindy hop dancer from one of the most lovely city in Turkey. I am writing you from İzmir. We have small community here named "İzmir Lindy Hoppers" and we are trying to learn lindy hop dance and also trying to teach some other lindy hop lovers. We also found an association. we are about 50 persons. We follow your website regularly, and to tell the truth your website or method is most unlike the others. And we like so much you and your project. We can find all we need with their names, video links etc. Also we are thankful for you because you didn't forget the other important things such as social dance,popular routines, Frankie Mannings favorites, circle jam, etc. --Yasin Akay/Izmir Lindy Hoppers


I'm living in Shanghai. Your videos are greatly appreciated here as well! --Luc


I feel as if I know you two now from learning and watching. Thanks to you both my partner and I are now teaching lindy and swing at a local studio in So. Cal! Xoxo --Cat Korn


I wanted to take a minute to say thank you! I've been a member of the Denver Swing Dance community for well over a decade, and your contributions are invaluable to me!

Several times over the years, I tried to learn the Tranky Doo, and every time declared it the winner. I accepted the fact that some Tranky Doo, and I Tranky Don't! I suffered a closed head trauma, that makes getting things into my short term memory very difficult. Recently I decided once and for all, to learn the Tranky Doo!!! Using your instructional video as my main teaching tool, I am well on my way to winning my Tranky Doo battle! That instructional video is the BEST!

It's really important that you know how far reaching your efforts are. You've touched many dancers here locally, and across the globe. The selfless way you post your instructional videos making them available to the world, not only promotes and perpetuates our treasured vintage Swing Dance genre, but touches people in very personal ways too. I can't thank you enough for your efforts. As Jimmie Lunceford said way back in 1939, "T'aint What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)." Thank you!!! Swingingly Yours, --Rich DeVito


I am a huge admirer of your online classes. Please, come visit our small country. Please come. Would be happy to see you! --Oконечников Владимир


Just wanted to tell you that Lindy Ladder is my favorite online resource. In the past year, I've used it extensively for the Tranky Doo, working on my swingout, and filling in some gaps in local instruction. --Ho Lum Cheung

United Kingdom

Hi Shauna just wanted to say thank you for posting lessons online as I have just got back into dancing at a beginner level and have always loved swing lindy jive. Have just finished following a Frankie Manning lesson then came across you guys and liked your instruction just as much. Sorry cant make a class with you as writing from Wales in the UK! Once again thanks for the clear concise step in the right direction back on the dancefloor. --Warren King


Your Shim Sham video is so clearly taught, oh and fun. thank you. --Andy from Otley, England