Lindy Ladder is an online curriculum site for learning Lindy Hop created by Shauna Marble.

Who Uses Lindy Ladder

All over the world instructors and students are using lindy ladder to jump start their Lindy Hop learning. From Germany to Turkey, Russia to Spain, Argentina to China and more! Check out some of these ladder testimonials.


Whether you're new to Lindy Hop, or a seasoned dancer, there's something here for everyone to learn. Start from Level 1 with the basics, or jump in at the level that you desire. Also check out the Aerials page!


It's not always easy to see that you're making progress in a partner dance, so use Shauna's segmented curriculum so you can officially say that yes, you've made improvement, passed a level, or mastered a lesson! Shauna makes it easy to reach your goals!


Test each level so you can be sure that you've mastered the content. Awards and fun certification mementos available too (eg leveled shoe laces)! Complete your level testing today!


Lindy Ladder is free! If you like Lindy Ladder lessons, they're even better in person. Bring Shauna to your event!

Visit Shauna Marble and Shauna & Joe for more information.


It's beautiful to train a dancer from the ground up using this curriculum. They will immediately adopt a style after getting through just the first few levels because the ladder encourages them to dance freely from head to toe in their own body. Lindy Ladder leaves room for the uniqueness of individual movement. Each dancer can use the Ladder, but maintain their own style and look. LL is not about learning a right or wrong method, but about a proven method to give dancers a huge jump start.

Start learning now!

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