Lindy Ladder is an online curriculum site for learning Lindy Hop.


Whether you're new to Lindy Hop, or a seasoned dancer, there's something here for everyone to learn. Start from Level 1 with the basics, or jump in at the level that you desire. Also check out the Aerials page!


It's not always easy to see that you're making progress in a partner dance, so I've segmented my curriculum into discreet levels so you can officially say that yes, you've made improvement, and hopefully reached a goal!


As a part of the Lindy Ladder initiative, I will critique videos sent to them of test material for each level so you can be sure that you've mastered the content. Awards and fun certification mementos available too (eg leveled shoe laces)! You can test by visiting the Level Testing page.


Lindy Ladder will be hosted online, available for free for as long as I can. If you like my lessons, I guarantee they're even better in person. Bring me to your event or check my availability for private lessons. Send an email to marble.shauna@gmail.com for more information.

Start learning now! Use the links to the left to get started.

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